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Mini Nano Word Count Tally

Last two years I've tried to do the normal Nano (50 000 words in the month) and I failed, so this year I thought to do a more manageable one, or one that will give me the flexibility to not laser-focus myself to an original fiction. And I signed up at mini_wrimo and pledge myself to a daily minimum word count of 300.

So far, so good.

So I'm just going to put this in this entry, and hopefully see that I'm doing something every day. I'll be updating this daily, along with a note as to what I've been writing each day.

Day 1: 340 (NaNoWriMo 2012)
Day 2: 330 (NaNoWriMo 2012)
Day 3: 301 (Poetry)
Day 4: 441 (Halloween piece)

Day 5: 313 (Halloween piece, SPN review)
Day 6: 481 (NaNoWriMo 2012)
Day 7: 408 (Halloween piece)
Day 8: 367 (Halloween piece)
Day 9: 360 (Halloween piece)
Day 10: 475 (Halloween piece)
Day 11: 549 (Halloween piece)

Day 12: 367 (NaNoWriMo 20111)
Day 13: 442 (Halloween piece)
Day 14: 300 (NaNoWriMo 2011)
Day 15: 431 (NaNoWriMo 2011)

Fingers crossed!
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Happy 2016 guys! Last post of 20

As with the tradition for a few years running, this marks the last post of 2015. So many things to say, so little time. Even my laptop time is 10 minutes fast, so it shows the 1st Jan 2016 even though I have three minutes left.

I'm feeling thankful this year. Thanks all.
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New Year's Eve is here. Again!



Another year of no writing. That's not good.

However, in RL, it's starting to come together. Hopefully. So, once my reality has stabilised, I hope my life online can flourish once more.

So many 'once's in the previous sentence. Nevertheless:

My dear flist,

I wish you the very best for the year ahead. May your fears be unfounded. May your joys dry up your tears. May yesteryear's best days be your future's worsts. May your dreams be realised, may your hopes be fulfilled. May this coming year be everything you want and need it to be.

Thank you. Terima kasih. Syukran. Grazie. Salamat po. Danke, Xie xie. Merci.

Most faithfully, and always a fan,
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I'm still alive. And kicking.

And wow, has LJ changed it's layout a bit. Or maybe it's cuz I'm on the PC and not the laptop and the screen looks bigger.

How's everyone??? :)
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Good night to all, and to all, a good night.

All right, so I've been really crappy at updating things this year, or even writing things. I've been mostly hiding and reading, so yes, I'm still sort of alive here in LJ, just.... invisible. And not logged in because I've been having problems with that.

Nonetheless, I'm sure I've missed something important about each and every one of my flist this year particularly, and I apologize so much for that. I do hope that 2014 is a year for reconnections and keeping in touch. Thank you all, for being you, and for being there for me whether you know it or not.

I don't really want to write about resolutions, because it's like reverse psychology to me; once I write them, I have less chance to finish them. But I hope YOUR resolutions will be great and inspiring and go ahead and share it to everyone - including me, because I love reading lists - and I'm crossing my fingers for you for them to be completed!

Again, thank you all. May we usher in 2014 with stronger friendships and tighter bonds and lighter hearts.
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Apparently Eminem is soothing me to sleep through my headache.

And I don't mean in a sarcastic way either.

I have to say this: Rihanna is a performer, not a singer. Her singing is terrible here. Skylar Grey is much better vocally, at least to my ears. I like Rihanna's songs, and she has a flair for drama, but her voice is not one of her strengths. It goes up and down and sideways and then got lost altogether. Skylar has control.

I also thought it was generous of Eminem and Dr Dre to end the performance with Skylar taking the spotlight on stage. Making a stayement? Yes. Just for drama? Not really, because they could have just took a step back and remain in close proximity and still the show would end aesthetically well, but they chose to give a relative unknown - at that time - a chance to shine all on her own.


Now I must really sleep. Headache down to manageable level.
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An open letter to my Summergen writer

Hey it rhymes! :)

Dear person-who-receives-my-prompts,

Please don't be so stressed upon seeing my requests. They're all guidelines, just suggestions, really, and feel free to take a little bit of inspiration from them.

One thing though: I don't really like death fics. Unless I'm in a crying mood, which is rather random, so that's the only rule that you need to stick by. Otherwise, go wild!!!

Your excited receiver! :)
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I'm still alive!

A quick note before I disappear again into the bowels of the complexities of the universe, otherwise known  as real life. 

I'm here! I'm alive. I'm definitely planning to write more this year, just need that frequent occasional kick in the bum :)

I've started work, of sorts, although it's only part time, but it's taken up quite a bit of my time. To top it off, my laptop needs repairs, and is currently with a friend to have a look-see, so I don't have my own laptop for the moment. That's a bit of trouble for me. 

Plus, i'm tired all the time, lately. Work just sucks the energy out of me. Sigh.

I promise I won't disappear from here. Not for a while at least! :)
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The Last Day of 2012. Thank you.

Thank you to all those who still read my entries even though they are not fandom-related.

Thank you to all those who still read my non-related Supernatural entries.

Thank you to all those who would read my rambles, even the nonsensical ones. 

Thank you to all those who reached out to me through other modes of communication other than LJ.

Thank you to all those who still read my fics from long ago, when I was still active.

Thank you to all those who encourage me to write write write when I'm not writing.

Thank you to all those who patiently guide me through my problems, even the minor ones.

Thank you to all those who still want to friend me even when I don't write that often. 

Thank you to all those who are just lurking or watching or even coming across an entry of mine just by chance.


I see you all next year in 2013!! :)

loki love
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Just in case anyone's still interested..

I'm asking if anyone would like a holiday card from me? This post here is where you can leave your address if you want to! All comments are screened so don't worry :)

Also, if anyone wants an e-card I can do so as well. Just leave your email address.

But really, I'm not out to stalk anyone so your address is safe with me :)

And now I have to sleep. A wedding weekend is coming up and it plays havoc on my nerves.